Inspired by the story of Miracle, a puppy found on the streets of Borneo, whose full story can be read on the Miracle's Story page. Miracle's Mission is a UK organisation founded in April 2015 with an aim to help animals worldwide. We are volunteer-led, allowing all profits to go directly to saving the lives of animals in distress and need. Miracle’s first project is a neutering project based in Borneo where she is helping more street animals like herself. Neutering just one  dog can  save the  lives of thousands of other dogs being born onto the streets. We will also be working closely with local Governments, communities and schools to promote the benefits of neutering and educate why we should look after animals especially more vulnerable strays.

Too many strays competing for too few homes and resources has resulted in thousands of un-neutered dogs and cats roaming the streets of Borneo. The result is an over-population crisis that can only be humanely solved through neutering.  Having to compete for food, water and shelter on a daily basis means that these animals lead short and difficult lives which often end in very cruel ways.
Unless urgent action is taken to decrease the number of puppies and kittens been born and to protect those in need, thousands more will continue to struggle for survival.
Neutering is the only effective and humane way of decreasing the population growth. We are introducing a TNR (trap, neuter, release) programme in 2015 which will involve neutering hundreds of animals. As we grow the programme, this will increase to thousands.
We will be introducing education programmes into the area that teach people about responsible pet ownership, the importance of animal welfare and why animals should be neutered. We also campaign for change to prevent cruelty, neglect and inhumane practises such as the consumption of dog and cat meat.
There are many things that you could do to make a positive contribution towards forming a secure future for animals in need. A little goes a long way so any money you can fundraise is much appreciated. Fundraising can be achieved in many ways from a local cake sale to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Please ask us for ideas and support!
You could also help us gather vital supplies and sponsorship. The number of ways you could help is endless. Please get in touch if you would like to help animals around the world.